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Product range of vibratory motors includes more than 1000 items and it is constantly expanding as we strive to offer our clients the most effective and efficient solution for their problems that the world market can provide.


The vibration motors that you order will be manufactured and then delivered to you under a contract with our company operating in your country according to the rules of your country.

In case if the products that you require are not in stock in your country, the delivery will take from 3 to 8 weeks.


The market of vibratory motors is very diverse and dynamic. Mergers and acquisitions of manufacturing companies occur regularly. At the same time designs of vibratory motors are being modernized. In addition, names of their types are often changed.

As a result, design engineer, responsible for developing design for a new machine; engineering technologist, who is operating this machine; and supply manager, responsible for equipping the production line quite often find themselves in a situation, where needed vibration motor is absent on the market or it is difficult to acquire.

For many years we have been interacting not only with the sales departments and dealer networks of manufacturers of vibratory motors, but also with foreign developers and technical specialists of these companies. Thus, we always have deep understanding of the current situation on the market. We are well aware of the retrospectives of the market of vibration motors just as well as of the direction in which it develops.

Our knowledge and experience will facilitate development of the optimal solution for your technical problems. We know which vibration motors will suit your technical demands best.

  Vibratory motors

Modern vibratory motors are specialized unbalanced vibration engines, designed to serve as a direct drive for vibration machines.

The application range of vibration motors is quite diverse. They are used in vibrating screens, vibrating feeders, vibrating tables, vibrating mills, in the processes of vibration compaction, vibration ramming, vibratory finishing, etc.

In many applications vibratory motors are able to effectively replace traditional types of vibrators. It is important to note that vibratory motors generally do not require lubrication, and their endurance may exceed tens of thousands of hours.

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